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Beyond parts to partnerships

When assessing a contract manufacturing partner, most firms focus their attention on a provider’s factory floor capabilities. The smart ones know to search for a company with strength in all the processes that lead up to the manufacturing event, plus equally strong capability in all the business management steps that connect the plant floor to the end user’s doorstep and beyond.

If your company takes this longer view, you’ll find a profitable partner in Industrial Manufacturing. Every step in our process… from the reception desk to the loading dock and beyond…is carefully engineered to maximize trustworthy performance.

  • A robust professional purchasing function, skilled at working with some of the world’s most sophisticated industrial purchasing departments
  • An estimating system that stays reliably consistent from job to job, for repeatable re-ordering and easier integration with lean manufacturing, kanban and cost containment programs
  • An accounting system that cleans up information backlogs and maintains a clear and consistent cash flow for people on every side of the invoice
  • A sales staff that keeps you informed…without wasting your time

The staff at IMFG manages all these complexities to provide something simple for our manufacturing partners: the freedom to call IMFG and know that you have One Less Thing to Worry About.