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Fabrication with flexibility.

Process specialties

  • Design Assistance and Prototyping
  • OEM Stocking Programs
  • OEM Production Parts
  • Assembly, Logistics and Complete Product Commissioning

Most metal fabricators have a rigid, unbending idea of where their specialty ends and their responsibility stops. This boundary simply doesn’t exist at IMFG.

While IMFG’s manufacturing capability begins with decades of experience in fabrication, it is free to expand as far as customers need it to go. This includes a full range of extra services that start before traditional metalfab begins, and continues far beyond where fabrication traditionally ends. The options include:

  • Design assistance and design for manufacturability
  • Machining of metal parts, and sourcing of machined components
  • Assembly , creation of subassemblies and finished products
  • Sourcing of painting, finishing and product decoration
  • Maintaining a supply of replacement components and fulfilling component orders

IMFG’s capabilities continue all the way to turnkey manufacturing of a product…from initial design through finished goods and spare parts support…that will be a proud reflection of your good name.

Whether you choose complete manufacturing or a simple value-added operation, the goal at IMFG is the same: giving our customers One Less Thing to Worry About.